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Hey ya’ll, did you know that Susan & I own an insurance agency called FEARLESS SERVICES? We have owned it for many years & written many insurance policies. Well now we are gonna get aggressively serious about writing insurance policies. We can insure anything with wheels or walls, but only to Texas residents. We write policies through Allstate, Progressive, Foremost, Dairyland and Hagerty. Please call or email and talk to me or my team, for a free quote. It doesn’t cost anything for a quote & wouldn’t you rather do business with somebody you know, like me, versus some faceless goon at the end of a 1-800#?

We don’t just write policies, we customize them, there are so many of our customers paying for policies that have unnecessary expenses, but don’t cover what you may actually need! We prefer to do things efficiently, that make sense and are easy to understand

  • Our Guys are Texas licensed agents.
  • We’re here to help – 8 days a week!
  • Automotive * Motorcycle * Property * Casualty Insurance

Call us First!
We can Help you understand what your deserve

Call 214-357-0023or
email info@fearlessservices.com


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